Monday, July 25, 2011

Home is where your heart is

It has been a while since I've posted and in that time so much has changed, as it does in everyone's life I'm sure. My husband's company was bought out and so we're OUT OF HERE!! I love to travel and have wanted to move since we got here (14 years ago). Don't get me wrong, we've come to love our friends and community but I'm always up for a change and 14 years is a long time to be in one place.

This has also been the impetus I've needed to make another major change, we've decided for a number of reasons to pull our girls out of public school and home school them. I've never been fond of public school, feeling personally that my education was advanced in spite of rather than due to the public education system. We have been lucky enough to live near a good primary school that they have done well at but I've always been frustrated with the amount of time wasted on these state exams. My eldest started getting prep worksheets in kindergarten for the test that wouldn't be administered until she was in 3rd grade! Another reason for homeschooling was simply to have time to re-connect with my children again.  It seemed like school days consisted of us rushing around and shouting at one another every morning, only to be repeated that evening over chores, homework, dinner and finally bed.   Not much of a relationship in my view, and I realize I've only got a few years left before my oldest becomes a teen, who probably won't want to spend much of her time hanging out with mom. 

In pursuit of this new adventure, I've spent the last 5 months researching every topic related to independent education but I'll go into that later.  At the moment, I've got 6 kids here from 8 mo to 9 yrs. and need to go find out what that banging noise is.