Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What's in a name?

So I've decided to give in and create my own blog if for no other reason than to join those great McLinky parties. My first step turned out to be the hardest, creating a name and URL for my blog.

Let's see...

"The Rouse House"
@ rousehouse.blogger.com? nope, its already taken.
@ rousehouse3.blooger.com (a good one since we have 3 kids) ? nope, it's also taken.
OK...so how about
@ rousehousetexas.blooger.com? it's taken too?

Fine, I'll just use my first name, it's really unsual -
@shaleza.blogger.com? TAKEN?!?!?

How many Shalezas can there be??? Apparently, A LOT. :-)

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