Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dollar Day @ in Tomball

One of my favorite thrift stores has a quarterly "Dollar Day" - anything in the store that can fit in a laundry basket is $1!! We started lining up 30 minutes before the doors opened. I wish I had a picture of all the anxious & excited faces but I didn't want to schlep my camera with me - sorry! (I already had 3 little kids and a stroller to deal with in the madness.)  It was so crazy in that store, I might have to go back again later. :-)  Here's a few of my finds :

I'm on a white kick for the summer.

This is one of the sets I've had my eye on for a loooong time - I'm so lucky it was still there!

These are going into my cabbage rose themed bedroom.

 These sweet little doll-sized chairs are going to be painted BY my daughters for their rooms. I'll post a pic when they get done with them. 

Have an awesome weekend ya'll!


  1. What an absolute bargain you've all the white and the bunny tea set is the greatest!

  2. what thrift store in Tomball? I live in Houston (249 & Beltway). I would love to check it out. Thanks,

  3. Gina - I got these at TEAMS a thrift store on Main street in old Tomball. They have this $1 day about 4 times a year. Sorry but you email address wouldn't work so I couldn't respond directly. Thanks for looking!