Thursday, May 13, 2010


Were you or your daughter a Girl Scout?  Then you know what I'm talking about. For the uninitiated, these are small things made by one girl to be given away to another girl, like friendship pins.  I made these with my daughters (ages 5 & 7) the other day for our Daisy  troop.  I thought I'd post them since they'd be fun to make at a party too.

We started with CHEAP daisies from Hobby Lobby. Each stem cost $1 and had about 8 flowers on it. My 2 yr old had a great time  ripping off removing the flowers from the stems.

The backs were a too long to use for this so we trimmed them down a little. Make sure you don't trim too much, you will need a little stem for the next step.

Here's my 5 year old demonstrating. Her hands are a lot prettier than mine. :-)

The next step is to put the safety pin through the back.

The last step is the most fun - drawing the face and gluing the googly eyes on. We used sharpies for the face and regular Elmer's glue for the eyes - use A LOT or the eyes will pop off. If you have older kids you may want to use a hot glue gun.

                                                                    Anyone else have a SWAP idea they want to share?

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